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Midnight Sun

I t'  s   o u t ! 
We are pleased to announce that our most recent album (and first all-original one) is now available!  This one is full of colorful new tracks for your listening enjoyment, and we hope it…

Winter Morning

Peaceful and calm.  So quiet one can hear the falling snow ...

Manitou Music Festival

We just spent a lovely few days up in Michigan in beautiful Glen Arbor to play at the Manitou Music Festival up there.  The concert was in a green location on the lawn of the Leelanau School and the crowd…

Beautiful Fan Art

We love this piece of art from fan @paulmccartney4eva! We love art that was inspired by music ??? if you've also created something, please share!


Another great piece of fan art by Matteo, age 16, from Rome! This…

Italian Alps

Little king of the mountain!

Also spotted - a guitar for ready musicians:

New Shirts Unboxed

Yesterday we received the new T Shirts in the mail and couldn't wait to have a look at them to see how they turned out!  If you missed the live Instagram video of it, here are some pics of the…

Summer Skies Tour

Announcing.... the Summer Skies Tour 2017!

We're so excited about this Summer's tour and know that it will be a lot of fun.  Check out the shows on the list and mark your calendars if we are coming your way…

Hummingbird Sighting

Spotted on a Christmas tree inside our hotel in Portland - a golden Hummingbird, and only one on the whole tree!  Must be a good sign for the upcoming Christmas Tour.

Falling Snow Arrives

Falling Snow is here!  
It's always a great day when a new album arrives in the mail.  For some reason UPS always decides to make the delivery at the very last possible minute - this time the packages arrived at…