Collaboration: When the Rain Falls 

We had the absolute pleasure to collaborate with Michele McLaughlin last year on a beautiful song called "When The Rain Falls". In this new video we chat a bit about our process of making the song. One interesting fact was that we never played the song together in person, doing the entire collaboration over email and sound clips exchanged back and forth. Although we did meet up after the song was finished, and had a wonderful time chatting about music and life! 
Check it out here and listen to the album at the link in the comments. :)Enjoy!

Awards: We're on the Grammy Ballot! 

We've been waiting to share this until it was official... and now we are excited to announce that MIDNIGHT SUN is officially on the GRAMMY® consideration ballot for BEST WORLD MUSIC ALBUM! 

Fellow voting members, I'll be listening and considering so if you haven't already, please drop a line to and let's trade music! 

This project was enhanced so much by the additional talents of these wonderful people: Michele McLaughlin (piano) Kent Harrison (recording engineering/mixing) Rachel Field (mastering), Kelsey Lecky (cover art) and Jim Bockstall (album graphics/design). 
Thanks to all the fans as well for listening and supporting and cheering us on!

Playlist: Magic Halloween 

Magical music from hobbit-y jigs to magical moments from Harry Potter, Autumn aesthics, epic Celtic tunes, flamenco guitar, acoustic jams and a beautiful magic seasonal vibe.

Give the playlist a like while you're there and share to spread it far and wide. :)

Listen to the playlist here: Magic Halloween

Interview: Thunder on the Plains Radio 

Check out this fun interview we did while in Nebraska last month with Susan Ritta from Thunder on the Plains radio. In this chat we talk about recording dance taps, how we work together as sisters, being an all-female act in a largely male-dominated musical genre, tune writing, the transition between playing classical music towards folk music, what we were doing 10 years ago and much, much more!

Playlist: Instrumental Study Music 


Our latest playlist on Spotify is one that should come in handy during the Fall and Winter months to come. Comforting and stimulating instrumental study music from folk, world, classical and new age musicians.

Give the playlist a like while you're there and share to spread it far and wide. :)

Listen to the playlist here: Instrumental Study Music

Video: Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores 

Hi everyone! 

This is a song (and set of tunes) we recorded in collaboration with House of Hamill, Mickey Spain, and members of Runa, Emish, Socks in the Frying Pan and Poor Man's Gambit. Please help us out by sharing the video far and wide! 

Why record a collaboration? Well, besides just being a lot of fun because all of these people are not only fantastic musicians but wonderful people to work with as well, all of us wanted to do something special for World Charity Day (September 5th)! The purpose of this collaboration is to raise money for the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, a charity which donates high-quality musical instruments to deserving, under-funded music programs, and provides an array of support services to school districts. 

All of us in these bands know what the ability to play music has done for us all personally, and we believe that every child, should have the same opportunity if we can help them out. 

Donate to the campaign here, and get a free download of the track in your email!

Thanks everyone!

Reviews: Your Review 

Hi all! It has now been several months since we released Midnight Sun (our new album) and we’ve been completely blown away by the enthusiastic response from all of you loyal listeners. We’re so glad that you love the ORIGINAL music so much - it makes the hard work of putting together an album completely worth it! 

NOW - if we could ask you to do something to help the band. It really helps us if you rate and review our music on iTunes and Amazon.  Leave your thoughts on the music, give it a rating, and help others decide to give the band a listen. 

Cheers guys and THANK YOU! We’re back on tour soon and it could not be more fun to play these new songs for you guys all over the place. 

See you down the road, 
Greta, Willow and Solana 
The Gothard Sisters

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