Video: Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores 

Hi everyone! 

This is a song (and set of tunes) we recorded in collaboration with House of Hamill, Mickey Spain, and members of Runa, Emish, Socks in the Frying Pan and Poor Man's Gambit. Please help us out by sharing the video far and wide! 

Why record a collaboration? Well, besides just being a lot of fun because all of these people are not only fantastic musicians but wonderful people to work with as well, all of us wanted to do something special for World Charity Day (September 5th)! The purpose of this collaboration is to raise money for the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, a charity which donates high-quality musical instruments to deserving, under-funded music programs, and provides an array of support services to school districts. 

All of us in these bands know what the ability to play music has done for us all personally, and we believe that every child, should have the same opportunity if we can help them out. 

Donate to the campaign here, and get a free download of the track in your email!

Thanks everyone!

Reviews: Your Review 

Hi all! It has now been several months since we released Midnight Sun (our new album) and we’ve been completely blown away by the enthusiastic response from all of you loyal listeners. We’re so glad that you love the ORIGINAL music so much - it makes the hard work of putting together an album completely worth it! 

NOW - if we could ask you to do something to help the band. It really helps us if you rate and review our music on iTunes and Amazon.  Leave your thoughts on the music, give it a rating, and help others decide to give the band a listen. 

Cheers guys and THANK YOU! We’re back on tour soon and it could not be more fun to play these new songs for you guys all over the place. 

See you down the road, 
Greta, Willow and Solana 
The Gothard Sisters

Playlist: Women in Celtic Music 

Our latest playlist on Spotify is our list of the awesome women making music in the Celtic and World genres.  Although we are few, we are mighty, and here are some really dynamite artists in this category.  We hope you enjoy the tunes and discover some great new groups to follow.

Review: 'Midnight Sun' In Irish Music Magazine 

Irish Music Magazine Review
by Nicky Rossiter

DUBLIN - Here we have a very welcome album of new songs and music all the way from the west coast of America. The sisters Willow, Greta & Solana have been very well received at festivals over the past few years and they now give those unable to attend the live gigs a chance to experience some wonderful music. 
In keeping with tradition they open with the title track of the album which like all dozen tracks comes from their own combined pens. It has a lovely driven beat that contrasts beautifully with the sweet voices. I particularly liked the instrumental bridges on this track. Against the Grain gives us a chance to truly appreciate the virtuosity of the players in this group.Then we are back to the well thought out lyrics on Wandering. This gives us a set of wonderful “word pictures”. 
As always there has to be a stand out track that one would hope to hear getting airplay. On this album there is no doubt that such a track is Mermaids. There are almost a dozen instruments added to a trio of vocals on the song and the end result is a rich, warm and compelling song that has once again some wonderful musical sections that display the talent of the Gothard Sisters. This track also gives us a lovely fabled story. 
The nautical theme carries through to Bells on the Hill despite the title. Cat and the Fiddle is a perky toe tapper that is a joy to hear – it seems to take its cues from a certain well–known rhyme. 
Slowing the pace down beautifully is When the Rain Falls a doleful instrumental that reflects the mood of a day spent indoors as the rain does fall. If you want to tell children a fairytale seek out the lyrics of Rose, Marie and Heather. They close this wonderful album with Colors of Home in a performance that will leave you wondering where the time went and hoping for a new release as soon as possible.
Read full review here.

New: Midnight Sun Sheet Music Now Available! 

Learn how to play Gothard Sisters original tunes and songs on your own fiddle or Irish whistle!  The sheet music comes as an instant PDF download and includes an MP3 recording of fiddle or whistle and guitar playing the tune as an example to help you learn!  All pennywhistle tunes are notated for a D whistle.

View the sheet music store here.

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Interview: No. 6 on Billboard World Music Chart

Interview: No. 6 on Billboard World Music Chart

Music:  New album, Midnight Sun

Music: New album, Midnight Sun

In the Studio: Meeting Michele

In the Studio: Meeting Michele

Interview:  On the Band's Influences and "Midnight Sun"

Interview: On the Band's Influences and "Midnight Sun"

In the Studio:  Finished CD Design

In the Studio: Finished CD Design

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