In the Studio: New Single Coming Soon!

A picture of us in the studio.... Willow tuning up her mandolin.... WHAT could we be up to now?  What could this picture possibly mean?? 

You've come here to find out, and we have a surprise for all of you!  It has been a while since we released new music (Story Girl came out almost a year ago!) and we recently decided to head back into the studio and record you a special new song. 

The brand new song is called "Fairy Dance Jig."  It was written by Willow this Summer (some of you may have heard it at a live show) and the working title was "fairy dance jig" because we thought that was what the song sounded like.  I kind of always intended to change the name to something a little less .... well .... girly, but the name just STUCK and I really think it is perfect.  We just recorded it and will be releasing it as a single this Tuesday, October 16th.  And it will definitely now be called Fairy Dance Jig for the rest of time!  lol 

You'll be able to download it on iTunes as soon as it is released on Tuesday!  For now though, you can listen to a 30-second clip on our website.  The jig is so much fun (a very lively, dance-able jig that also happens to get epic at times!) that we have also filmed a brand new music video to go with it.  The video will be released next Saturday, October 20th on our youtube channel and around the web. 

Below I give you..... the track artwork and banner photo for the new single.  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 16th!  We can't wait for you to hear the Fairy Dance Jig!

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