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New Year, New Music 

With a brand new year comes a lot of new ideas that are finally coming together for us as a band. We're excited to announce that we are officially back in the studio together, working on songs for a brand new, full-length original album.

It's still in the early stages, but already we're so excited to be able to share this new music with you. For now we're still in the recording and planning season, but there will be more news to come. We're aiming for a Spring 2018 release.  (Woohoo!!!)

Here's to a beautiful and music-filled new year! For those of you in the Seattle area, we hope you'll join us at a show this Spring for a program of original and Celtic music and songs.    

For everyone, we'll keep you all updated on the recording process, and we will see you down the road.  
Greta, Willow and Solana  
The Gothard Sisters

Music Video Release: Christmas Flower 

Watch the Official Music Video for Christmas Flower! 

It's time for an official music video from Falling Snow!  This video captures the warmth of a new original Christmas tune the band wrote for the album - Christmas Flower.  The name comes from Poinsettias, the cheerful red blooms that appear in the market every year at Christmas.  Thanks to collaborations with the Children's Gym Irish Dance Performance team in Portland Oregon, Miss Peggy's Irish Dancers in Edmonds, Washington, and the CWU Strings Department at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington, for adding their beautiful smiles and talents to the general celebrating in this video!  

Official Music Video:  Christmas Flower
Christmas Flower on iTunes 
Christmas Flower on Amazon Mp3 
Christmas Flower on our Website 

We hope you enjoy the new video, and the new album!

New Christmas Album: Falling Snow 

New Christmas Album:  Falling Snow
The Gothard Sisters have compiled a lovely new Celtic-Inspired folk album of Christmas music that expresses the joy of the most wonderful season of the year through ancient beloved carols like Joy to the World, Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen updated in new and exciting ways as well as holiday favorites like Winter Wonderland and Skater’s Waltz, all woven together with the sisters’ signature youthful arrangements, lovely sibling harmonies, lush strings and percussion, and plenty of feisty fiddling.

A Message from the Gothard Sisters:
Hello my dear people - 
We are currently back in the recording studio and are excited to announce that we just completed the final track on a brand new Christmas album.  It was high time for a sequel to our Christmas album (recorded way back in 2010) we thought, and with all the fun we've been having with our Christmas tours over the last few years, there were many great songs and arrangements just begging to be recorded.

And so, after several weeks spent in and out of the studio with our fabulously determined and energetic producer, Kent Harrison at Sammamish Sounds Studios, we've now emerged with ten lovely new Christmas songs to share with you in the new holiday album, Falling Snow.  It is also available on iTunes or Amazon.

The music of Christmas is so beautiful, it has been a delight to work on these arrangements of eight classics - Hark! the Herald Angels Sing, Still Still Still, Winter Wonderland, Skater's Waltz, Good King Wenceslas, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, French Carol (Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant) and Joy to the World, as well as including two new tunes that the band wrote - Christmas Flower and The Happy Elf.  We hope you enjoy these songs during your family's holiday season and we wish you a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Greta, Willow and Solana
The Gothard Sisters

Celtic Mp3s Magazine: Mountain Rose Intricate Blending of Old and New 

Celtic Mp3s Magazine:  These three marvelously talented sisters have come a long way from playing for tips at their local farmers market. Having been recognized in 2011 by Celtic Radio for Album of the Year and again in 2013 by the Irish Music Awards as the Best New Irish Artist, these sisters continue to be recognized nationally and internationally.   Coming from the Pacific Northwest, while their music is certainly based in the Celtic Music genre there are obvious western and Canadian influences. Their music possesses a warmth and authenticity that connects to their audiences in an engaging and energizing manner. Their latest album, Mountain Rose, is no exception. Released in June 2015, this album showcases their ever growing maturity where old classics continue to evolve and original songs shine and blend well with the style of music that influenced them. 

While the Gothard Sisters do record some traditional songs and covers that highlight their roots they give these songs their own personality. It is an intricate blending of the old and the new. For example, some of the more traditional tracks on this album are the Scottish anthem “Auld Lang Syne” and the Americana tune “St. Anne’s Reel.” The percussive nature of “Auld Lang Syne” gives the song a very intimate and humble feeling, as one sitting around a campfire celebrating a comfortable new years with their loved ones. However, the fiddle does a wonderful job in highlighting some of the important phrases while keeping the signature melody. Then at the end, the track certainly takes on more of a celebratory tone that comes with a new beginning.

Read the whole review here

New Single Release: Hummingbird 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters:
We have a surprise!  Over the last few months we were back in the studio briefly to record a new single and we can’t wait to share it with you! 

The brand new song is called Hummingbird.  It was written by Greta this Fall (some of you may have heard it at a live show) and it is an Irish Americana-style fiddle tune written while sailing through the Panama Canal, which explains the slightly tropical flavor. You can enjoy fiddle, mandolin, bass, piano and strings playing this Gothard Sisters original fiddle tune.  We just recorded it and it is now available!

Buy the new single - Hummingbird!
Buy Hummingbird on A
Buy Hummingbird on iTunes!

You'll be able to download it on iTunes as soon as it is released on that platform.  The new tune is so much fun that we have also filmed a brand new music video to go with it. 

New Album: Mountain Rose is Out Today! 

Get the new album now! 


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Bandit Bargain (CD and Tshirt!) 

Mountain Rose is here!  After nearly two years since the release of the last album, the Gothard Sisters are excited to announce that they have just finished recording and are ready to release a new album full of musical adventures, Celtic favorites, songs written by the band, including plenty of fiddle tunes.   

The new album features fresh, inventive and melodic violin, the rhythmic drive of bodhran, percussion, Irish step-dance and guitar, and three-part vocal sibling harmony.  The songs on the album were inspired by the love of simple, timeless and transcendent things - patience, beauty in nature and character, traditional dance music, and the feeling of comfort in being with those you love as the sun sets on Summer nights.  The Gothard Sisters started out their musical careers as classical violinists before expanding into folk music, so naturally there are many songs where the violin shines; the energetic and spunky fiddle and drum tune The Bandit, written about a raccoon in the woods, to the jazzy fiddle tune Cat in a Bush, lovingly dedicated to the neighborhood cat that keeps squashing the lavender bushes, and many more.  Along with new lyric songs by the sisters like It Was Beautiful, a song about different perceptions of beauty, and Grace O'Malley, a story-song about the legendary Irish pirate queen when she was 9 years old, there are also new arrangements of traditional songs - Welsh lullaby All Through the Night, and Scottish anthem, Auld Lang Syne.   

Along with the 12 new songs, there is also an adorable new CD artwork package, with a wood cut painting on the cover designed by the Pacific Northwest's own Molly Hashimoto, and featuring Rosalind the raccoon, playing her violin in her mountain rose home.  Thank you so much to everyone who has been following the band over the last few years and have been waiting patiently for this new release!  The Gothard Sisters are really happy with this album and proud of the way it turned out, and they hope it brings you joy.  It is for you!

New Album: Mountain Rose Coming June 23rd 

An Album Description:  Mountain Rose was inspired by the love of simple, timeless and transcendent things - patience, courage, community, the passing of the torch from old to young, the beauty and adventure of nature, and the feeling of comfort in being with those you love as the sun sets on Summer nights. 

The musical album features fresh, inventive and melodic violin lines, the rhythmic drive of bodhran, djembe, percussion, Irish dance and guitar, and three-part vocal sibling harmony.  There are brand new originals on this album -  "It Was Beautiful," is a song about different perceptions of beauty.  "Grace O'Malley" is a story-song about a 9-year-old girl with a lot of gumption, and "The Boatman's Call" tells a simple love story that takes place across a rushing river.   

Of course there are the songs where the violin/fiddle shines as well - propulsive, energetic and spunky original tunes like "The Bandit," written about a raccoon in the woods, "Cat in a Bush," lovingly dedicated to the silly cat that keeps squashing the lavender bush in the front yard whenever he smells dinner cooking inside, "Mountain Rose Waltz" which evokes a lovely evening community dance, and "Chaos in La Casa," an Irish/Spanish/Gypsy/English Country Dance tune that was written about the lovely chaos that every once in a while occurs in a home full of kids!   

The album is rounded out by more traditional songs as well, like the beautiful Welsh lullaby, "All Through the Night," traditional Americana tune "St. Anne's Reel," and Scottish anthem "Auld Lang Syne," as well as covers of songs by outstanding contemporary Celtic writers - Andy M. Stewart's "Queen of Argyll," and Kate Rusby's "I Courted A Sailor" are both arranged in new and special ways by the Gothard Sisters for the album.  

The mountain rose may live in a harsh environment, but it survivs the elements and gives hope to all who pass by and see it.  We wish you joy with this album!  It is for you. 

The new album will be released worldwide on June 23rd. 

Pre-ordering the New Album:  Mountain Rose can be pre-ordered on our website.  You will receive a physical copy of the new album (complete with the album artwork and liner notes) as well as a complimentary digital copy of the album for those, like me, who are having a hard time finding a place to play a CD!  So think of it like this - one copy for your computer/phone/ipod, and another copy for your car.  The new album will be sent out to you as soon as we receive it, which could be a little before the actual official release date. 

New Tour T-Shirts:  We are working on a new design for a t-shirt that will go with both Mountain Rose and the Summer tour.  Stay tuned for that one, it is still in the works.

New Album Release: Compass 

Compass, the Gothard Sisters' new album, has officially been released to the world!  This is a musical adventure weaving elements of Celtic, folk, pop, rock and world influences with the sisters' signature youthful sprinkle of joyful exuberance, Mozart and fairy dust.  The album can be purchased online in these stores: 


Amazon (digital) 

Amazon (CD) 

Digital Download 

Physical CD

Update: In the Studio Again 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters: 

This last weekend we made some great strides on the recording of the new album.  We are now 8 out of 12 - three quarters of the way done with the album.  The songs are changing pace a little bit as they usually do halfway through.  You see, we go about recording and producing an album in quite a different way than most studio musicians.  Most musicians have their entire album mapped out and written before they set foot in a studio.  We are coming up with the music as we go.  This allows us to explore many different moods and feel the album out as we're recording it to see what it needs more or less of.  So when we get to the halfway point, as we did a few weeks ago, the album could go in basically any direction, musically.  I think we're starting to get a much better glimpse of what the whole picture of the new album is going to be and we LOVE it!!  And we think that you will, too.  Stay tuned now for faster updates as we reach the end of the recording process and begin post-production.  We should know within a few weeks now about the potential release date and much more exciting stuff that we have planned for the release of the new album!   

Again, THANK YOU to all of you who visit our site, follow us on facebook, read our newsletters and support us by spreading our music around the internet or sharing it with your friends.  We have the best fans.  You are all wonderful!  And we can't wait to share this new music with YOU!!