An Early Description!

As we head into a full weekend of recording two new songs (one tune set and a waltz) I also have news about the release party for our Seattle-area fans.  It will be at the lovely little Snohomish theater, the Tim Noah Thumbnail Theater.  Tickets are now for sale and 
you can buy them now to reserve your place.

Also released is the first early description of the songs on the new album:

"Summer 2015 will see the release of The Gothard Sisters' long-awaited new album. The album features tales in song of courage, loyalty, beauty, and the rewards of patience and contentment with what we have, all told with a simplicity that speaks directly to the heart.  Soaring violins, exuberant drums, driving guitars and gracious vocals sweep you along to another time and place."
What do you think?

P.S. We're loving all the guesses at the name for the new album.  They're all very interesting!  No one has guessed the actual name of the album yet, though.  ;-)

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