And the title is ...

Dear loyal fans and readers of this blog - 
We are ready and excited to release the official name of the new album!
The album will be called ...  *drum roll please*

...  Mountain Rose.

The album title was chosen based on many things, which we will talk about later, but for now, the countdown begins!  The album has finished the recording phase and is now in the post-production stages, which means we can now also announce the release date .... June 23rd!

All of you will receive your copies in the mail a little early, as well as your complimentary downloads.  This is a little tiny preview of the album artwork, a custom wood-block print by the wonderful Pacific Northwest artist Molly Hashimoto - although the main focus is currently hidden and will be revealed later.  ;)

And... here is the finished track order!
1.  It Was Beautiful
2.  Chaos in La Casa
3. Queen of Argyll
4.  Grace O'Malley
5.  Cat in a Bush
6.  Mountain Rose Waltz
7.  The Boatman's Call
8.  St. Anne's Reel
9.  Auld Lang Syne
10.  The Bandit
11.  All Through the Night
12.  I Courted A Sailor

We hope to bring you some music previews and more on the album very soon!

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