Concerts with the Saratoga Orchestra - Video!

Saratoga Orchestra:

Anna Edwards:

We had a blast getting to play some of our songs with the Saratoga Orchestra out on Whidbey Island.  It is a professional orchestra with members from ensembles all over the Seattle area, and conducted by the wonderful Anna Edwards, who is an amazing conductor and musician and who also happened to be our first-ever orchestra director when we started out in classical music at the tender age of 8.  With only a few years of violin lessons under our belts, each of us first joined the Seattle Symphonette orchestra as soon as we were old enough.  Greta first, then Willow, then eight years later Solana finally got to join Symphonette and be coached by Ms. Edwards, now with Greta as an intern coach.  
Last year, Greta got a call from Anna Edwards proposing the idea of doing a collaborative Celtic-themed concert with the Saratoga Orchestra, and we were honored by the invitation and immediately accepted.  It led to a really fun concert which included four of our original songs being arranged for string orchestra.  It was a magical evening on Whidbey Island, to be sure.

Here are the videos of the four songs for your listening enjoyment.  Don't they sound cool?

Music in video:  Auld Lang Syne from Mountain Rose

Music in video:  Scarborough Fair from Story Girl

Music in video:  Flying Sails from Compass

Music in video:  Hummingbird (single)

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