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Well hello all - 
We've been recording the new album for about two weeks now, officially, although there was a full month of writing and arranging that came before that as prep.  So now we've gone into the studio, laid down some good solid instrumentals and vocals, and I thought I'd update you with the current track list.  Here it is, so far:

February 11th, 2015

1.  Unnamed Song
2.  Unnamed Song
3.  Unnamed Song
4.  Unnamed Song
5.  Unnamed Song
6.  Unnamed Song
7.  Unnamed Song
8.  Unnamed Song
9.  Unnamed Song
10.Unnamed Song
11. Unnamed Song
12.Unnamed Song
13.Unnamed Song
14.Unnamed Song
Approx. running time:  Unknown
I have to say, I'm really inspired by this collection of song names.  Really.  Inspired.

Just kidding, we actually do have names for all these songs.  Well, MOST of them.  However, I thought as a treat for the blog that we'd just reveal one name at a time, as they have been completed in the studio.  That way you can come along with us in the process.  So consider this the first update!  As of right now.... we have 14 incomplete, unnamed songs!  Woohoo!

Next time I give you a track listing update however, this list will look much more exciting.  ;)

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