Edmonds Center for the Arts - Christmas!

The day dawned on a beautiful Edmonds morning on the day of our concert at ECA this year.  The concert came after a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with the staff and production team at the Center for the Arts, swapping Edmonds stories and catching up since last year.

The concert, as usual, was a blast, and the people who showed up were warm and welcoming and good at clapping and shouting and yelling and singing and all the crazy things we asked them to do.  ;)

We were joined by Miss Peggy and four of her dancers in what may be their last year as part of the concert, as most of them are heading off to college this year and may not be able to join us next year.  It was very special and included beautiful four-hand choreography.

We met many people from the audience after the concert and a great time was had by all - we look forward to this annual celebration for our 5th year next year in 2018!


Photo credit:  Kirk Stauffer

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