Gaelic Park Irish Festival

Near Chicago there is a park where they hold all kinds of wonderful community events and education about Irish culture - it's called Gaelic Park, and every year they throw a big Irish festival on Memorial Day weekend.  We played this festival 2-3 years ago and enjoyed it very much.  However, it had been a few years and we were really glad to be back!
Over the course of the 3 days we were there, we played 6 shows, trying out each of the four stages and having an excellent time catching up with fellow musicians the Fitzgeralds, the Pigeon Kings, Dave Curley, Back West and more.  The lineup was great and we had some fun trying out new tunes, including Wandering and Cat and the Fiddle from the new album.

It was also great to chat with so many of you who came up and said you have been following our newsletter, and our music online ever since we were last in town!  We'd love to come back next year - hopefully see you all then.

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