Mountain Rose: She's Out in the World!

Well everyone, thanks for coming along on the ride that was recording Mountain Rose.  She is now out in the world, you probably have already listened to the album a dozen times, and now we're making this recording blog accessible to everyone who visits the website so they can see all the background information that our supporters were reading during the making of the album. 

A few last-minute plugs though - if you would like to help out with the final step of the recording process, promotion, you can do several easy things: 

1.  Leave a review on Amazon here: 
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2.  Leave a review on iTunes here: 
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3. Tell your friends about the album.  If they don't seem likely to buy a copy on their own, buy a copy for them as a gift.  They will thank you for it.  ;) 
Buy a copy for a Friend

Thank you again for coming along with us on this journey.  'Til next time! 
Greta, Willow and Solana 
The Gothard Sisters

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