New Songs and Beginning Artwork

OK everyone, we are on the home stretch here now with the recording process.  Last week was a good, intense weekend of recording which resulted in two new finished songs for the album.  They are just lovely and I'm so glad they were included, I think they will round the whole package out.  Now we have time for one more song.
However, we have two songs prepared.  Only one will make it onto the album.... it's like American Idol, haha!!
As for the two new songs.

The first new song we recorded is not a new song, it is an old traditional Welsh lullaby.  The song is absolutely beautiful and we've been meaning to put it on an album ever since before Story Girl and it has never made it onto one.  It really fit the mood of this album, and finally made it on there and I think you will love it.  It's very simple - with a simple arrangement, but very comforting, as it is (in my opinion) one of the most beautiful lullabies ever written.  It is called "All Through the Night."

The second song that was recorded was a new set of three jigs that Willow sat down and wrote all in one day.  They are really fun and really quirky.  It has a Spanish/Irish/Gypsy flair to it and is called "Chaos in La Casa."

And finally, we're working with the same design team for the album artwork as the last album and Jim is starting to get some samples of the design elements to us and it is really exciting!  We are going for more of a "storybook" illustrated feel for the artwork this time and are working with a fabulous illustrator named Molly Hashimoto for the front cover image.  It's going to be really special and cute!  Here is a little sneak peek at a small section of the art.  :D
Greta in her "guitar cage"

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