New Summer Ts: Soaring Owl, Hummingbird and more!

Hello my dear people -    

We are currently enjoying the last few days at home before the Summer tour begins, and are excited to announce that we just put the finishing touches on the designs for some brand new T Shirts. 

Every year we come out with a new shirt design, and this year we wanted to put out some really special ones.  Shirts that were comfortable, soft, super cute and also artistic, creative, and which would go well with our upcoming music, shows, and videos.  And so, we began searching for an artist who could help us out and we found her in Kelsey Lecky of K.A.K. Lecky Illustrations.  Her art, illustration and creative vision matched our music so perfectly that we reached out on the spot and asked her if she would be interested in designing a shirt for us.   

Long story short, she said yes and went to work creating not one, but two beautiful new designs for us, the adorable light pink girls' Hummingbird shirt (I may have to get these in adult sizes at some point because I want one) and the beautiful Soaring Owl design that reminded us immediately of the nature images in our official music videos.  The sturdy black logo shirts are a design we've always wanted to have as well, featuring our lovely logo designed by none other than the amazing Jim Bockstall from Florida, who has also designed all of our album covers. 

The new shirts are being printed as we speak and can be pre-ordered NOW for immediate delivery as soon as production is completed.  And yes, we do ship internationally! 

We hope you love the shirts as much as we do and that you will get to wear them to a show in the near future, or simply on a lovely Summer's day while listening to one our albums and sipping a cup of your favorite Summertime beverage.  Wishing you and your family a lovely upcoming Summer! 

Greta, Willow and Solana   

The Gothard Sisters

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  • rebecca
    very nice! i do like the owl one. i kind of agree about getting the hummingbird for adults ;)

    very nice! i do like the owl one. i kind of agree about getting the hummingbird for adults wink

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