Old Church Concert Hall - Christmas!

We had a lovely time in downtown Portland last night for the first show of the 2016 Christmas tour!  The venue was the beautiful Old Church Concert Hall, which was all decked out for Christmas, had beautiful acoustics, great hospitality and a packed and enthusiastic crowd.

The show was great fun to do again after a year off - and we got to pull out the santa hats, Solana's toy accordion, the Christmas elf story, all our favorite old and new Christmas carols, including many new arrangements from Falling Snow, and we were also joined by the lovely ladies of the Portland Children's Gym Irish Dance Performance Team for a great dance performance at the end of the first half!  

Music in video:  Hark!  The Herald Angels Sing and Christmas Flower from Falling Snow.
Some more pictures, taken by the lovely Mackenzie Bakewell of Ziebee Photography in Portland:

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