Song #1 - Auld Lang Syne

 Song #1 has been recorded and now we can update the track list with the first name:  Auld Lang Syne.
  This is a song that we recorded a few years ago in an entirely different form on Celtic Rainbow.  This year at a New Year's show we wanted to do a new version of it, and this is what happened!  It's a much peppier version of the famous Scottish song and we're really enjoying playing it at shows these days, plus adding it to this album as one of the few traditional covers.  

Here is an exclusive clip of a rough mix of Auld Lang Syne fresh out of the studio!  What do you think?  Enjoy!
And now we have an updated track list!!
1.  Auld Lang Syne
2.  Unnamed Song
3.  Unnamed Song
4.  Unnamed Song
5.  Unnamed Song
6.  Unnamed Song
7.  Unnamed Song
8.  Unnamed Song
9.  Unnamed Song
10.Unnamed Song
11. Unnamed Song
12.Unnamed Song
13.Unnamed Song
14.Unnamed Song
Approx. running time:  Unknown

This is not the order of the songs, that will be decided closer to the release date.

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