The Ark - First Time in Michigan!

After all these years touring the states, we've never once made it up to Michigan and I don't know why not.  However, the planets all aligned and we finally found ourselves booked at one of the nicest venues I can think of - the Ark in Ann Arbor!

Even though we had never played in this state before, there was a warm and welcoming audience waiting there for us and we were just so thrilled to be able to play a full set for everyone!

Between sets we spent most of the time staring at the walls of the dressing room, which are completely covered in various bands names and autographs and messages to each other.  We left our mark as well, right next to Enter the Haggis.
Photo credit:  Alison Reed via Twitter!
Thanks so much to everyone who made our first visit to this city, venue AND state so memorable.  We certainly will be back!  And here's the Tour Vlog:

Night Ride to Armagh from Brian Finnegan's the Ravishing Genius of Bones, Chaos in La Casa from Mountain Rose, Planets by Kate Rusby, Bit Epic set

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