Two Songs Closer!

Hello all!

Over the last weekend lots of fun violin parts and some crazy bodhran/pennywhistle playing went on in the studio and we are now two more songs full!  The two are both instrumental, but they will be (pardon the pun) *instrumental* in filling out the sound of the album.  
The first is a set of tunes that Willow wrote in the fall for the Christmas shows.  It began as a funny set from the North pole that was called Elves in Summer / Elves in Winter, and which went from lazy to crazy.  However, we kept on playing it at shows after the Christmas season was over, and it adopted a new name one day when dinner was cooking and Willow started noticing a little cat that kept poking its head around the corner outside.
Was the cat interested in the smell of dinner, or the fact that Willow was, in fact, serenading the sautéing vegetables and fish with this tune set?  We will never know!  But we decided the cat was probably more interested in the music, so that is why the set of tunes is now affectionately named "Cat in a Bush" after the cat who came and sat in the bush outside the house every day for several weeks to smell dinner and listen to music.
The bush is a little worse for the wear, but hey - now we have another great set of tunes for the album!  So ... that is the first of the two new songs:  Cat in a Bush.  There are actually two tunes in the set, and although it probably won't be included on the album artwork, the second tune is called "Stealth."  You'll be able to tell why when you hear it - it's the cat being sneaky and going crazy.  It's a cool tune!

As those of you who have listened to our previous two studio albums, Compass and Story Girl, will probably know, we always like to include at least one waltz on each of our albums.  The other song we recorded this weekend was the waltz for this album, which is a lovely country waltz called Mountain Rose Waltz.  It is danceable and down-homey and feels like the sun going down on the best of Summer nights.

Soo.... I guess that means there are only four songs to go!  And they are some really important, really fun ones as well!  Which of these songs that have been announced already are you the most excited about?

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