Update: Full Weekend of Recording Done

Hi all!  Thanks for joining us here on the recording blog and welcome! to all the new people who are joining us here!

   After a quick St. Patrick's day tour with stops in Shoreline, Heppner and Medford we got back in town with enough time to do some good violin/fiddle practicing before heading right back into the studio for a three-day weekend of recording.  A lot of progress was made!

   First of all, the new original song that has now been finished recording is called ....
   ... "It Was Beautiful."
   This is a song written by Greta, who wrote it about different peoples' perceptions of beauty.  The words describe how some things are seen in different ways.  For example, how children, running and playing and dancing, might seem obnoxious to some but are precious treasures to others, who "think it is beautiful."   While the words have this meaning, the music behind the whole song is cheerful and optimistic, and includes a fiddle tune in a very modern Celtic style, played first by Willow and then joined by Greta and Solana on "chorus line" fiddles for a driving finish.  

   After finishing It Was Beautiful, we recorded a new and very fun bluegrass-y fiddle set which also features some virtuosic fiddle variations on the Irish/Scottish/Scandinavian/Americana/Bluegrass tune, "St. Anne's Reel."

   And now we're working on recording a second original song, which has a very different mood than most of the other songs on the album.  It has more of a gypsy feeling.  With another recording session tonight and many more coming up, our lives and heads are filled with music and finger patterns and chord structures and beats - but what a happy muddle to be in!

Thanks for following along!  Here's the updated track listing:
1. Auld Lang Syne
2. The Bandit 
3. Queen of Argyll
4. It Was Beautiful
5. St. Anne's Reel
6. *New Original Song*
7. Unnamed Song
8. Unnamed Song
9. Unnamed Song
10. Unnamed Song
11. Unnamed Song
12. Unnamed Song
13. Unnamed Song
14. Unnamed Song
Approx. running time:  Unknown

   Meanwhile, if you think this music is something your friends would like, let them know where they can listen to a bit of it, and where they can pre-order the album.  :)

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