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Playlist: Hobbit Party 

It's party time in the Shire!  Looking for a playlist for your next party in Hobbiton?  We've compiled a growing playlist of our favorite Hobbit party music.  So break out your hobbit guitar and cook up your homegrown vegetables for a great feast by the old oak tree!  You can follow the playlist on Spotify here as we add new music and curate this to make it the best hobbit party ever.

Playlist: Songs of the Sea 

We've started a new playlist on Spotify called "Songs of the Sea."  This features a bunch of great songs that we love that are all about being at sea, or which evoke the images of the great blue deep, including several songs from the new album and lots of our favorite versions of the Mermaid legends!  It'll be updated all Summer long.  Follow it on Spotify here!

Playlist: Celtic Music 

Our favorite Celtic musicians and traditional Irish music for St. Patrick's Day 2018.  This will be constantly updated as we find new music, remember more favorites, and add to the list!  You can follow the playlist on Spotify here.