Midnight Sun: CD
  • Midnight Sun: CD
  • Midnight Sun: CD
  • Midnight Sun: CD
  • Midnight Sun: CD

Midnight Sun: CD

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"This is world class string and vocal oriented folk music at its finest... a sublime treat." - Larry Toering, Skope Magazine

6 on Billboard World Music Charts

Finalist in Great American Song Contest

  1. Midnight Sun (3:57)
  2. Against the Grain (4:46)
  3. Wandering (3:55)
  4. Hummingbird (3:30)
  5. Mermaids (3:51)
  6. Elderflower March (4:13)
  7. Bells on the Hill (3:59)
  8. Cat and the Fiddle (3:42)
  9. When the Rain Falls ft. Michele McLaughlin (4:39)
  10. Rose, Marie and Heather (3:30)
  11. Mazama Mornings (3:40)
  12. Colors of Home (4:13)
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New Album Coming May 4th, 2018

Twelve beautiful new songs written and performed by the Gothard Sisters, including Colors of Home, Midnight Sun, Mazama Mornings, Hummingbird and more! Scheduled for release on May 4th, 2018 

Listen to clips, read more about the stories behind the songs and pre-order your copy today right here.


Update: In the Studio Again 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters: 

This last weekend we made some great strides on the recording of the new album.  We are now 8 out of 12 - three quarters of the way done with the album.  The songs are changing pace a little bit as they usually do halfway through.  You see, we go about recording and producing an album in quite a different way than most studio musicians.  Most musicians have their entire album mapped out and written before they set foot in a studio.  We are coming up with the music as we go.  This allows us to explore many different moods and feel the album out as we're recording it to see what it needs more or less of.  So when we get to the halfway point, as we did a few weeks ago, the album could go in basically any direction, musically.  I think we're starting to get a much better glimpse of what the whole picture of the new album is going to be and we LOVE it!!  And we think that you will, too.  Stay tuned now for faster updates as we reach the end of the recording process and begin post-production.  We should know within a few weeks now about the potential release date and much more exciting stuff that we have planned for the release of the new album!   

Again, THANK YOU to all of you who visit our site, follow us on facebook, read our newsletters and support us by spreading our music around the internet or sharing it with your friends.  We have the best fans.  You are all wonderful!  And we can't wait to share this new music with YOU!!

Special Announcement: Recording a New Album! 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters:
Here is that announcement we've been hinting at for the last week.  
Yes, that's right, we're recording a new album! 

In the Fall we released a single (one song - fairy dance jig), but now we are back in the studio in earnest and recording an entire album's worth of new material.  At the moment we're aiming for a Summer 2013 release, followed by a national tour based on the new material, plus all your favorites from Story Girl.  To keep up with all the latest news from the studio, keep an eye on this page!

Fairy Dance Jig - Song Now Available! 

Fairy Dance Jig is now available for digital download on Amazon Mp3s and iTunes and will soon be coming to many more stores around the web.  For now though.... 

Go get it! 

I am very impressed with the people at Amazon and how fast they processed our music to get it to you folks.  iTunes is also now up, and it may be available in stores worldwide very soon.  So go get yourself a copy and download the new song.  It's only $0.99.  ;) 

The Gothard Sisters really hope you enjoy the new song and the new video that goes with it.  That'll be coming later on this week.

Surprise!! New Single Coming Soon 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters: 

A picture of us in the studio.... Willow tuning up her mandolin.... WHAT could we be up to now?  What could this picture possibly mean?? 

You've come here to find out, and we have a surprise for all of you!  It has been a while since we released new music (Story Girl came out almost a year ago!) and we recently decided to head back into the studio and record you a special new song. 

The brand new song is called "Fairy Dance Jig."  It was written by Willow this Summer (some of you may have heard it at a live show) and the working title was "fairy dance jig" because we thought that was what the song sounded like.  I kind of always intended to change the name to something a little less .... well .... girly, but the name just STUCK and I really think it is perfect.  We just recorded it and will be releasing it as a single this Tuesday, October 16th.  And it will definitely now be called Fairy Dance Jig for the rest of time!  lol 

You'll be able to download it on iTunes as soon as it is released on Tuesday!  For now though, you can listen to a 30-second clip on our website.  The jig is so much fun (a very lively, dance-able jig that also happens to get epic at times!) that we have also filmed a brand new music video to go with it.  The video will be released next Saturday, October 20th on our youtube channel and around the web. 

Below I give you..... the track artwork and banner photo for the new single.  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 16th!  We can't wait for you to hear the Fairy Dance Jig!

Story Girl - Finishing Touches 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters:
Well!  Here we are sitting in the studio, without instruments (which is a rather odd feeling) and listening to our finished songs without critical ears for the first time in 7 months. 

Tonight we are doing the final mixdown of the cd. It's amazing how many hours of life and energy and inspiration mixed with trial and error and learning can fit on a little tiny skinny disc. That little disc is pretty awesome though- send it out into the world and thousands of people can experience the same things, practically in the blink of an eye. That is why I love making music; so I can share it! Because music is an experience. 

Anyway, before I go and wax too poetic on you, here is what happens now. Once we have our final mixdown, we head to a different recording studio ( and a fresh set of ears, very important!) and get it mastered. What mastering does, basically, is make all the songs *finished* by adding space before and after them and then filling out the sound so the songs sound good on any kind of cd player, radio or stereo. 

Then it all gets sent off to New Jersey and we wait, and we wait and we wait.  And wait.  Until UPS pulls up at the door with the boxes of CDs and we can ship out all our pre-orders and listen to the cd again. 

So:  Speaking of preorders, have you gotten yours yet? 

The rain is coming down outside, "It's the Little Things," with its soft violins and vocals and mandolin is playing inside, Willow and Solana are both reading books on the couches and I can't believe we are nearly done. I love this album. I hope you do, too. 

New Album Release: Christmas 

A Message from the Gothard Sisters:
We are so happy and pleased to announce that our new Christmas CD is here and ready for you to take home with you.  You can buy the CD on iTunes or right here in CD form from our website. 

We got the CD yesterday from UPS, although everything has been slowed down because of a bit of a snowstorm in Seattle (except a snowstorm in Seattle is something like 2 inches and the whole city shuts down, which I know is pretty wimpy, unfortunately.) 

The UPS guys thought it was pretty funny how excited we were (jumping up and down and giggling) when he brought all the boxes of CDs into the house, and we opened the box right away and gave away our first copy to him.  haha!  

Right away we set to work sending off CDs to all the wonderful people who pre-ordered the album, so they could have it as soon as possible. Today the album is officially for sale, and we can't wait to hear what you think!  We'd love to see what you think of it.

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Get a free download of the new song, Hummingbird!

The Gothard Sisters at Celtic Classic 2016 - PC:  Diana Ladio

The Gothard Sisters at Celtic Classic 2016 - PC: Diana Ladio