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Twelve beautiful new songs written and performed by the Gothard Sisters, including Colors of Home, Midnight Sun, Mazama Mornings, Hummingbird and more!

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Midnight Sun is a 12-song album, and the first all-original album by the Gothard Sisters.  The album features songs written on the road about traveling and adventuring (Wandering, Midnight Sun, Hummingbird and Elderflower March were all written about recent travels  as well as the other side of traveling, which is being homesick and longing to go home (Colors of Home, Mazama Mornings). 

There are songs that tell stories of being at sea (Bells on the Hill, Mermaids) as well as songs that are new takes on traditional topics and rhymes (Rose, Marie and Heather, Cat and the Fiddle.)  

Special guest artist Michele McLaughlin appears on the beautiful instrumental When the Rain Falls

NEWS:  Midnight Sun debuted at #6 on Billboard's World Music Charts!


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About the Gothard Sisters

The Gothard Sisters LIVE @ The Roxy Theatre 2018 
PC: Eric Morgensen Photography

The Gothard Sisters LIVE @ The Roxy Theatre 2018 PC: Eric Morgensen Photography

The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic musical group of three sisters who play contemporary Celtic music.  Through 10 years performing, touring and writing music together, the optimistic style of their music and performances continue to resonate with their fans, building a loyal international following. 

Their latest all-original album release, Midnight Sun, reached #6 on the Billboard World Music charts as the highest ranking debut on the chart, and the Gothard Sisters have performed in venues large and small all over the country, including a concert at the Kennedy Center's Millennium stage in Washington DC, performances with Disney Cruise line in Europe, music festivals and performing arts venues nationwide. 

Blending Celtic, folk, classical, world and northwest musical influences, the Gothard Sisters bring songs to life with violin, acoustic guitar, mandolin, bodhran, djembe, octave violin, whistle and vocal harmonies, creating music that is "vivid, inspirational and captivating."  (Tim Carroll, Folk Words Review 2018) 

Writing and recording near their home in the Pacific Northwest between touring nationally, the band has released 7 albums and has performed over 1,000 live shows over the course of their career.

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